Thursday, 13 July 2017

Online Presence - too much too thin?

I've been thinking about my online presence recently, as you know.  Originally I had a Facebook profile, a LinkedIn profile and this blog.  Then I hooked into Pinterest - and that small group was it.  My social face, my business face, my writing space and my place to post pictures of things I liked the look of.

And that was it really - compact and simple.
But then I noticed my blog wasn't getting any attention, and I wondered what I could do about that.

Expand!  Get more coverage. 

So I resurrected my Google+, and started up on Twitter.
I started writing articles on LinkedIn, and began forming a bigger network of connections.

But then I wondered - how can I pull all these together?  I need a central Hub, a focus, a single-point-of-contact - so I created myself a website.

(Click HERE to visit the site)

So here I am, Facebook and LinkedIn and Google+, Blog, Twitter, Pinterest - and a Website, like the One Ring, to bind them all - and instead of making things better, I think I've made it all much worse.

And then, as if that wasn't enough - I started an online diary!  Why?  Because things weren't happening fast enough.  I still wasn't getting noticed.  No increase in hits, visitors, followers, +1's - no feedback, no emails, no comments, no shares.

All I got, from all this, was the feeling that I'm trying too hard to be liked.  I crave attention, approval, I am shouting my online presence to a crowd that's not interested - like those double-glazing sales people that loiter by the hardware store exit.  Even when someone does stop - it's only to make their escape into the car park less filled with guilt at ignoring them.  (I do feel a bit sorry for those sales people - they're only doing their job - some boss somewhere thought "I know, hang out in the hardware store exit - they've got to walk past you!  Captive audience!"

I have been so focused on shouting out "look at me!" that I've neglected what it is I want them to see!
I've sacrificed quality for quantity, and I've spread myself too thin.

I'm going to go back to basics.  I'm keeping the original four, and the website (because I invested quite a lot of time in creating it) but the other stuff can go.  From now on, I'm concentrating on


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